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White Interior Design Renovation Project of Mid Century House

When you are dreaming of romantic interior, the best interior design for you is white interior design. Yea, do you want to try to have white interior in your home? Why not trying? Well, it has been known that white color can symbolize anything. It can be modern, luxurious, elegant, clean, spacious and romantic. So, you can tell your feeling through the color. Besides that, you can use white color as a big canvas where you can do anything on it to create artistic works on it. If you have small room, choosing white interior will make your small room becoming more spacious.

You must agree that all white interior design is romantic modern interior design. Some people may want to add the splash of color to create contrast to the room. It is okay for you to add colors just for creating balance to the room interior design. One of the modern home designs which has white interior is Butterfly Home. It is renovated project from mid century house completed by Palmer Krisel A.I.A and then Alexander Construction Co built it in 1961. The house is then fully renovated in 2013 and it becomes far modern then before, especially for its interior design.

Let us see the most important part first. It is the modern kitchen. The kitchen is featured by stainless kitchen appliances, horizontal grain kitchen cabinets, and also waterfall quartz counter-tops. It looks gorgeous and bet that you will find fun cooking experiences here. They all are in neutral colors like grey and white hues.

How about the living room? Well, the living room is kind of modern living room with the splash of gold color in the white living room. The living room is completed with sliding doors made of glass. It will allow you to see picturesque views outside your house. It is also featured buy clerestory windows. Meanwhile for the furniture, it is used white sofa, chairs, and white coffee table. The splash of golden color can be seen in the throw pillows and the wall decoration. Are you interested with the white interior design ideas or you have your own?

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