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Vigorous Elegant Interior Design of Contemporary Villa in Hollywood

Most modern house design has elegant interior design. Elegant interior can be simple or luxurious. It depends on the owner’s personal taste. If you want to find inspirational elegant interior, you can see the interior style of the hotel or modern villa. There will be stunning interior style that can be copied. Now, it is time for us to see to see one of the stunning villas in California.

Like what have been mentioned before, finding elegant interior design ideas can be done by seeing some inspirational interior style of hotels or villas. One of the best villas which offers elegant interior is the one in West Hollywood. The villa is designed by Santa Monica from based Belzberg Architect. This contemporary villa is located in Sunset Strip. From its exterior design, you can imagine how modern the interior style of the villa is. Talking about the exterior design of the villa, it is contemporary exterior design with white paint and plenty of glass facade. The villa is really large with rectangular swimming pool in front of it. Besides that, it can be the best choice for staying since it feels fresh here, due to many trees around it.

In the interior of the villa which is named 1232 Sunset Plaza, the elegance can be clearly seen. Let us see in the kitchen with dining area. Well, it is minimalist kitchen which is furnished by wooden counter-top with stainless steel surface. Meanwhile for cabinetry, it is wooden cabinetry above the counter-top. Next is the dining area. Here you can see modern dining set with glass dining table and also white chairs. For you, a woman, here is walk-in closet where you can keep all your clothes here. The walk-in closet is painted in black color.

How about the living room? Well, like the other rooms, it is modern in style. Here is white sectional sofa with glossy glass coffee table. Here is also LCD TV on the wooden shelf. Stunning floor lamp does not miss to beautify the interior. It can be said as successful interior design project from the best architect.

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