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Unique Modern Home Design the Prefab House in Estonia

Nowadays, some famous architect has designed modern home design for sale. There are so many styles and also modern house ideas which have been successfully realized. Modern houses usually have unique design and some people may prefer calling them as unique homes design. One of the homes which adopt modern design is Passion house. It was designed by the architect namely Eero Endjärv from Passion group. This house is modular house which is built on 40 square meters area. The exterior design of this house is modern exterior design with the existence of concrete. Yea, this house has concrete foundation which is attached.

This prefab house has modern home interior design. When you come to the house at the first time, you will be greeted by modernity inside. The inviting atmosphere can be clearly felt also here. The house which is situated in Estonia has black and white interior design. Some people may call it as Scandinavian interior design because of the splash of red color in this black and white interior. Besides that, the interior design is quite minimalist with low furniture inside the house. Let us see the minimalist living room first. The living room is only furnished by black sectional sofa with round white coffee table. The splash of red color can be seen in the frame of the table.

The next area is the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is only furnished by white counter-top. You cannot see modern kitchen island or other kitchen appliances. Meanwhile for the dining area, here you can see round white dining table like what you can find in living room. And then it is combined with white dining chairs. Sometimes, if the dining area is not in use, it can be removed easily to create space in the room.

Well, from the living room here, you can set a bedroom. You just need to add mattress and you can set black and white bedroom design. It is quite easy to change your living room becoming area for sleeping here. Don’t you think that it is one of unique modern homes design you ever see before?

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