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Stylish Avalon House Interior as Beautiful House in Spending Holiday

Modern house design in light gray combined with glasses windows is offered by exterior design of Avalon house. This house that is located near sea can be enjoyable for kids to play on beach everyday. Large green garden on the right side of the house also can be suitable place for them to play around. This garden is also used to give green accent in the house. Outdoor swimming pool designed in the back side of the house can be other pleasurable facilities for kids to give them extraordinary holiday.

Entering inside the house, there is unique house design in form of loft that is made among glasses wall in the right side of the house. It is made a lounge in the color of white that is used as seating place to enjoy the sea through the big windows and there is red and yellow pillow in each window. This color can give chic design in the interior design of Avalon house Dublin.

Red and yellow pillows are also found on gray sofa that is put in the living room. Blue accent is also applied in this room in the form of stripe pattern of carpet under the glass table. While cabinet with various accessories decorating it is found in front of the sofa. In the middle part of cabinet, there is place to put television and fire place in black color. This colorful accent makes white and glass dominating interior design of this house more interesting.

Behind the living room, there are set of wooden dinning table with plant planter on it and kitchen painted in white color including the design of cabinet combined with wooden counter top. To give natural color accent, it is put sun flower and a bowl of fruit on the stove-top and counter top. Flower painting is another colorful design decorating the stairs in this house. This Avalon house rentals also provides luxurious bedroom design with two red lounges on the balcony to enjoy the sea view.

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