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Old Dolls House in Messy and Scary Interior Designs in Small Size

Old design of dolls house can be seen from some part design of firebrick wall that begin to unwrapped of white colored painting consciously. However it looks have messy design for some people; it also can give classic accent at the same time. There are some rooms with this kind of wall found in this house, but it can be clearly seen from the design reading room.

This reading room provides black colored sofa with yellow pillows on it. While on the left, and right side wall in this room is covered with wooden bookshelves creating in simple design. Bookshelves in this room also has function as place to display another accessories or collections, black television and it also has function as place to put wooden laths that are burned in the fire place located in front of the sofa. Reading dolls house spark-notes also can be enjoyable activities that is done in this place using notebook. This room is also decorated with hanging pendant lamp above the sofa.

On the part of this house, it is found kitchen with minimalist design of cabinet in the color of misty rose. The design of the cabinet also can be fit to put washing machine in it. In front of the kitchen, there is irregular shaped of wooden table as dinning table with three stools having different designs. While on the wall in front of the design, there is peeling wall design combined with skull on wooden frame. It gives scary decoration in this old house.

Modern design of bedroom is also provided by this house. White color dominates the color of the bedroom including the design of bed and pillows. There is wooden bench in front of the bed. To give fresh air in the bedroom, there is little garden on the left side covered with glasses. It is also applied wooden door to go to outdoor little garden in the house. Dolls house ibsen may inspire the design of this house.

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