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Modern Interior Design Finding Modernity in Historical House

A historical house which is located in a coastal town in Lewes has modern interior design. The house which is designed by Robert M. Gurney is redesigned house but you can see how successful the architect redesigned the house becoming more modern home design. Before talking about its interior design, let us see the exterior design of this historical house first. The exterior of the house is still leaving the historical touch. It is used red bricks as the main materials. It also has tall chimney made of red brick. The house can be said as classic modern house.

The architect tried to apply modern interior design concept in this historical house and you know that the result is unbelievable. The modern interior with much modern furniture can be clearly seen here. Although it belongs to small house, in fact the choice of furniture and the best arrangement of them can create stunning interior design. Yea, the choice of materials in the house also effects to the look of the house itself. Let us see the house more details. Start from the living room. This is modern living room with mahogany ceilings and mahogany walls. How about the floor? The floor is made of basalt. The basalt flooring can create elegant impression to the room. Like the other modern living room, here is also modern fireplace. For the sofa, it is used long white sectional sofa with black coffee table.

Move to the next room. It is the modern bedroom with the domination of white color. The white bedroom is furnished by large bed with white cover sheet. Two black side tables stand in the two side of the bed. To add natural impression in the bedroom, it is put a vase of flower on one of the side tables.

Last but not least is the kitchen. It can also be said as modern kitchen design. The kitchen is featured by stainless steel kitchen cabinetry and marble counter-top. It looks so clean and modern. The interior design ideas, can be inspirational interior design for anyone who loves modernity.

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