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Modern Home Design Establishing Strong Connection with Nature

This incredible modern home design done by the brilliant Israel-based Ando Studio will be a great proof how modernity and style can get along in harmony with nature. This home visualization can be a great reference for you in designing your own modern yet green home too. Beautifully embracing its natural green landscape, this home provides plenty outdoor space and open interior to engage the strong indoor-outdoor connection.

Perfectly shut from public, this modern home beautifully builds the openness for the back side, thus allowing its interior to open to the fresh green home courtyard. By employing the transparent glass element generously for the glass wall space, see how the lovely white drapes are utilized to create the instant holiday-like feeling when the breezy wind blows. The lush greeneries wrapping this home is also maximized to provide the buffer and barrier, becoming part of the modern home design ideas to protect the privacy.

There is also this sunken outdoor area that is well protected by the lush greeneries as well as by its concrete wall space. Equipped with private outdoor fire pit, this outdoor space certainly would be the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sunny days outdoors without being exposed to the curious eyes. The solid concrete flooring provides steady surface where you can place the cozy seating to make this outdoor lounge area even more comfortable to hang around.

Talking about the home interior design idea, the spacious interior would be the perfect choice. As the indoors and outdoors are connected, it definitely would be a waste if the fresh and soothing atmosphere cannot be delivered thoroughly into each room. Look at this beautiful open living area. Its open floor plan may appear even airier due the clean white interior. Stylishly minimalist, the choice of modern furniture as part of the modern home interior design ideas displays the lovely warm color that may help building the warm atmosphere as well.

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