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Modern Family House Design the House with Magnificent Views of Sea

Melkbos house is the family house design which has stunning exterior and interior. The modern house is located in strategic area. It is situated to be approximately in West Coast in Cape Town. It has picturesque landscape of beach and it is also surrounded by many trees which can create fresh atmosphere around the house. This contemporary house design is quite large house with modern design. It is dominated by the neutral colors and the use of large glass facade which can create modern impression and luxurious exterior design.

The interior design house in the house designed by SAOTA-Steven Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects is also modern. Inside the house is spacious. Yea, it can be clearly seen that the house has spacious exterior and interior. The room designer of this family house has minimalist interior design ideas but it is functional. So, there is low furniture inside. But all is modern furniture. The modernity in the house can also be seen from the use of glass material.

The house is featured by neutral furniture also. So, it looks calm and feeling cozy inside the house. Let us see more detail in this house. The first room is the living room. It can be said as modern living room. Like the other modern living room, the living room here is featured by modular sofa and coffee table. The color chosen is white color. Here are white sectional sofas with white throw pillows, black coffee table, and the ornaments on the table. The splash of red color adds the beauty of the living room. Here are stylish red chairs next to the sectional sofa.

How about the kitchen? Well, the kitchen is all white kitchen with all white furniture like white kitchen island. The luxury in the house can also be seen in the bathroom. The bathroom is dark glossy bathroom with modern bathtub and fussed glass sink. For getting more information about the house decorating, you can search in the internet websites.

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