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Modern Apartment Design White Interior with All White Furniture

Having modern apartment design may be the dream of most people. It will not be hard for you to find inspirational modern apartment for you. They can be minimalist modern apartment or elegant apartment. You can choose the one that you like base on your personal taste. So, how does the design of modern apartment that we are going to discuss today? Let us see in details.

Monochromatic apartment is modern luxury apartment design in Bratislava. Bratislava is the Slovak capital. This contemporary apartment is completed by Alexandra Rybarová of Goldfish-Interiors. The interior design of this modern apartment is for sure all modern. White interior is the best to describe this apartment. White is identical with modern, clean, and luxurious. Let us see the interior from one room to another room. The first is the modern minimalist kitchen. The kitchen is also all in white color. Here you can find white kitchen cabinetry, white counter-top, and also white dining set. The round white dining table looks so stunning with the stylish white dining chairs. Hardwood floor is the best for accompany the white interior.

The next is the modern bedroom. Here is large white bed set. The bed is accompanied by wooden table sides with stylish night stands on them. White color can also be found in the windows treatment. The room designer use white drapery to add the beauty of this modern bedroom design.

Last but not least, we are going to talk about the family room. The family room is featured by long sectional sofa of course in white color. It is then combined with the small round coffee table. White drapery still looks gorgeous here. For spending your spare time, you can watch your favorite programs in the LCD TV. The beauty of the room is added by stylish pendant lamp and also simple painting mounted on the wall. The great modern apartment design ideas can be the inspirational ideas for you.

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