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Great Living Room Design Doubling Greatly as Cozy Home Library

Today, we will take you to see some living room design ideas that will be perfect for you if you are an avid book reader and collector. Rather than keeping your books stacked on the dusty attic which may damage its physical quality, why don’t you use them as part of the room decoration idea? This may be a great inspiration for your small home interior too, thus you can double your living room as the cozy home library too!

As the urban industrial interior is our personal favorite, we do not hesitate to show you this stylish apartment that will suit your modern urban lifestyle. We all know how incredible the exposed brick wall for your living room interior design, however what about adding color and texture to make your urban living room even more spectacular? As you can see, this one has the tall wall space which makes it totally spacious too. We really adore how the large wall shelf in simple white may provide exquisite details, while the books may add plenty of colors including the bright one. Oh, and do not forget about the shiny steel ladder too!

Well, for your small living room, this interior would be a perfect inspiration. Simply displaying black and white interior, you can find how the gorgeous natural wood element accenting this room beautifully. The large white bookshelf becomes a great backdrop for the cozy L-shaped seating, designed with storage space installed below it. This way, you can see how the shelf may serve greatly as room divider too, right? As to make this room feels even cozier, you can see how the potted green plant gives the final touch.

Another great inspiration for your loft apartment is this incredible white interior with floating shelves to keep the books safe and organized. With plenty of white surfaces flooding this modern loft, the interior may appear even brighter due the abundance of natural light coming through the glass feature. Incredibly airy, the minimalist interior has made this loft interior appears totally spacious as well. To match the minimalist impression, the shelves will be the great choice for the living room interior design ideas, rather than the large shelf.

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