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Eclectic Luxurious Interior Design The Touch or Asian Art for Beauty

Having luxurious interior design is a must for modern people with high-end living styles. You can create luxurious interior after finding some inspirational luxurious interior photos in the internet websites and copy it for your own. Luxurious interior is usually furnished by modern furniture and signature elements in the house like bronze wall, custom-designed, and also glass stair. If you imagine having that, so you have to read this review.

One of the modern penthouses in downtown area which has modern luxurious interior design is the penthouse apartment which is located in Chicago. Gary Lee Partners has designed this modern penthouse. This modern penthouse after finished is named as Gold Coast Penthouse. One of the most important things in this penthouse is the combination of Asian art, artifacts, and other decorative accessories which can create modern eclectic interior design in this house. Well, the house is also featured by some luxurious materials like brass, travertine, silk juxtapose, pearl, and re-purposed antiques. You can of course imagine how beautiful the interior design of Gold Coast is.

The modernity and luxury of this apartment is completed by the white wall and white ceiling. The white hue can also be found in the windows treatment. Here is used white drapery to add the beauty of the room. Meanwhile, the Asian style can be clearly found in the living room. The Asian pattern can be seen in the chair and throw pillows. For the coffee table, it is used dark chocolate coffee table with a vase of red flowers on it. To add the beauty in the living room, it is added white floor lamp near the chair. The other room which shows Asian art is found in the toilet. Here is table sink with Asian pattern.

For the kitchen, you can see white kitchen cabinetry, wooden table sink, and wooden kitchen island with glossy black surface. The modern kitchen faces the views outside because of the use of large glass windows. Would you have any comments to this luxurious apartments interior design or you are amazed with it?

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