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Chic Minimalist Home Design Beauty of Black and White Color Schemes

For anyone who loves simplicity will prefer to have minimalist home design. Having minimalist house does not mean that you cannot have modern home design. You still can find modernity touch in your minimalist home and your minimalist interior design. Let us see one of the best minimalist houses which can be found in Portugal.

Graciana Oliveira is the best architect who has minimalist home design ideas. The house designed by this architect is situated in the Penafiel. This is the town near to Porto. The minimalist residence is completed in 2012. The house is single family house which has black exterior design. Well, talking about the exterior design of the house, this modern house looks so gallant with the minimalist design. The wall and the gate are painted in black color with the splash of little white paint. To add the modernity of this contemporary house, it is used large glass windows and door.

How about the interior design of the house? Well, the interior design of the house is totally minimalist. The minimalist interior design is featured by low furniture. Quite contrasted with its exterior, the interior of this family house is dominated by the use of white paint and the natural color of timber. The use of white and brown color can create clean, modern, and natural impression to the entire room. The first room we are going to see is the family room. Here you can only find grey sectional sofa, white carpet, and also LCD TV on the white shelf. The next area is the kitchen. This is modern kitchen with white kitchen cabinetry and modern white kitchen island with chairs.

Not only the family room and the modern kitchen that looks gorgeous. In one part of the house, you can see modern bathroom which is furnished by modern shower cabin and white toilet. You can make the house as minimalist home design inspiration if you want to have simple home design.

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