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Apartment Design Ideas Temporary Residence for Single Person

Are you living in small apartment and you need apartment design ideas for this? Well, it has been known that designing small space is always challenging for most people. It becomes hard since you have to think about the choice of furniture, the room decorating ideas, and also the use of color schemes in your interior. But actually, you do not need to worry about it. There are many experts who have inspirational designs ideas for your apartment, especially for you who have small apartment. Here is one of them.

Residence AP1211 is the successful realization of brilliant apartment interior design ideas. This is small apartment which only has 36 square meters or 388 square feet area. This modern apartment has two floors. But, although this is kind of small apartment, the apartment has cozy atmosphere inside due to the use of natural material. For your information, the apartment is dominated by the use of pinewood to decorate the interior. The apartment is designed by Alan Chu. For the location, it is situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of the most interesting parts in this apartment is the splash of glossy red color. You can imagine how if the natural color of timber is then combined with glossy red color. It seems like combining classic and modern element in the apartment.

Actually, this apartment has cylindrical and dark interior. The use of metal ladder can add the modern feeling in this apartment. The space is temporary residence. When you come at the first sight in the space, you will be greeted by colorful interior. The splash of bold color can be found in the red refrigerator, red carpet, and black metal staircase. Here is also wooden table sink with stainless steel surface. The other hue is white. Here is white sofa on the red carpet.

For the bedroom, you will see black and white bedroom design. Here is black wall, white drapery, and black cover sheet. This is the best apartment design ideas small spaces for you.

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