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Airy Celebrity Beach House Encompassing Warmth from Wooden Interior

Let’s go to the famous and spectacular Malibu right now and see this ultra cozy celebrity beach house belongs to Matthew Perry! Well, you do not have to go there literally, because today we will bring this oceanfront vacation house to you. Overlooking the expanding and sparkling blue ocean view, it becomes certain that this home offers the total comfort for its residents.

The interior of this beautiful vacation house is dominated by the bright and clean white surfaces accented by the gorgeous wood element. The open floor plan wonderfully allows this home to feel totally comfortable and airy too, as the fresh and breezy salty air surrounding can be delivered seamlessly due the openness of its interior. The adorable wooden texture and color serves greatly as this celebrity beach house decor too, while building the warmth and comfort for even more comfortable feeling.

Walking into this ultra airy and spacious living area, it is totally easy to spot the fresh aquatic splash of the beautiful ocean view outdoors. Not only contrasting the white interior and wood element beautifully, this fresh color splash can be integrated indoors through the generous use of transparent glass element for the large windows. What a perfect place to get away for a while from the stressful daily activities, isn’t it? This beach house design truly knows how to take the advantage from its location.

The charming wood element is employed for the flooring, which will seamlessly deliver the comfort in this spacious living area. See also the gorgeous wooden ceiling space with wooden beams accenting for dramatic impression. As if it is not enough, you can also find how this room is furnished with wooden furniture, as seen in this open kitchen space. Beautifully matching the rich and warm wooden tone, this room is also decorated by the same warm color palette as part of the beach house decorating ideas employed here.

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